Meet the 18 Years old Recipient of Global Public Peace Prize 2017

Khairatul Saidu is a goal oriented and vibrant young girl committed to contribute her quarter towards a peaceful world by advocating for human right especially among women, young girls and illegal prisoners. The Abuja born young gender equality activist and peace advocate hails from Kogi state, north central Nigeria. She was born on the 9th February 1999, and as the only child, she grew up alone with her parents”

Her passion for human right started in 2011 when she experienced the pain of having both parents as prisoners. She personally decided to stand up for solidarity confinement, the rights of inhumanly sentenced prisoners.

ksa“The world talks about human rights, from several range of perspectives, but to me, inhumanly sentenced prisoners knows less about freedom and justice and fighting for them is a sure way to contribute my quota to human right. I would do anything that promotes love, peace, happiness, oneness and development. I would promote the unheard voices.” She said.

Khairatul has been involved in planning and executing programmes and events in line with her passion. Some of which includes hosting a three day Youth Conference in her community on United Nation’s SDGs Merit Day 2016, for which she obtained a World Merit certificate, and hosting enlightment and advocacy campaign on Women and Girls rights using  the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) materials for which she emerged as a YALI Africa4Her Champion. She currently run an online youth arena on Facebook – “Let’s talk about Peace and Development”, for training, awareness, promotion and peace and development using the young minds as the major tool. She has got herself engaged with various organizations that promote the cause she stands for.

As recognition for her little contribution to the society, she has won the Princess Diana International Award, Public Peace Prize as young as 17 years old.  She is a member of the Association of Women Surgeons and she will be speaking to the Women Economic Forum in New Delhi, India this May, 2017.

Professionally, she is passionate about becoming a health expert, probably a Medical Doctor or A Surgeon, this according to her is as a result of the fact that the world is in high demand for medical expert, who are not just interested in making a living but also in saving the lives of thousands of people in Africa that dies everyday as a result of inability to access a credible health care. Being a health expert would serve as an opportunity to make her contribution to humanity against the demographic tsunami.

She always got herself committed to solving different challenges in health related causes and to bring together different stakeholders that can shear ideas, expertise and on how to promote and sustain global human right.

Indeed, Khairatul is a motivation to several young people out there, especially the female folks. She has proven clearly that every challenge is a blessing in disguise and that it is not what happened to you, but how you responded to it that makes the difference.

Khairatul love reading, writing, doing research and meeting new people at her spare time.


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