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Lesson #14: God’s plan for me is in His word, the more of His word i know, the better of understanding of His plan for me I will have. I cannot know His plan for me if I don’t know His word.

Lesson #13: God’s favour is not a substitute to hard work neither is hard work substitute to God’s favour. Both are indispensable, they play parallel but complementary role in making you become what God wants you to be.

Lesson #12: Man is like an electronic device, no matter how powerful and sophisticated, he is useless if not connected to a functioning power source. The best thing that can happen to anyone on earth is to recognise and get connected to a Divine source early in life.

Lesson #11: People don’t normally celebrate work; they are only interested in results.

Lesson #10: Life is neither simple nor complex; it all depends on how I approach it.

Lesson #9: Sometimes, your best are released when everyone refuse to help. You cannot get anything from an orange unless it is pressed neither does a sachet of tea worth anything until it is passed through hot water.

Lesson #8: If God cannot give me, I don’t need it. God will not do for me what I can do for myself. If all I can have is what my strength can give me, then it is not divine.

Lesson #7: No matter how fast you run, you can never get to your destination if you are on the wrong road. Simply put; speed is immaterial when direction is wrong. It is rare to become a king in another man’s land. You cannot get to the top of your potential trying to live another person’s life.

Lesson #6: God does not create poor or rich people, he only creates people, and it is what you do with your life that makes you poor or rich.

Lesson #5: Anyone can stop temporarily, but you are the only one who can do it permanently. Seeking for advice is awesome, but remember you are the only who has the perfect understanding of what God wants you to do.

Lesson #4: The wisdom of the world cannot understand the mystery of God (1 Cor 1:21)

Lesson #3: Until you are serious with God, you are not serious with your life yet.

Lesson #2 The equation of real and holistic success is not complete without the GOD-FACTOR.

Lesson #1 Heaven is real, hell is real, and if you miss heaven you can’t miss hell. I may not know everything, but I know one thing. *Life without Jesus is miserable and a straight path to hell.

Thank you for following me for the past 24 days, I believed you have learned or unlearned something from my lessons. I’m still learning and more open to learn from you. God bless you. I value you.


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