The Balance – Introduction

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If you recall at the beginning of this year I mentioned doing a series on balance, but for some reasons commencing it was delayed, recently I have strong burden from the Lord to start the series which will begin fully tomorrow.

Why Balance? The need for the balance discussion first to correct error & extremism, a lot of believers holds extreme views about various doctrine, concepts & aspects of the Christian faith & in a bit to correct this ills what most of us do is to swing to the other extreme.

The cure for extremism is not another extreme! it is balance. You don’t take over dose to curb a deficiency, you take the right dosage.

Also, no one person holds the monopoly of the kingdom reality, the Bible says we know in parts & prophesy in part (1 cor 13:9), line upon line precept upon precept,(Isaiah 28:10) so it is not wise to pick a doctrine without finding its sync with others.(For instance the word & prayers, knowledge & Power).

My point; Truths in the kingdom are meant to complement each other. You don’t downplay one to justify the other.
As we try to journey through these paths, we will be mindful of three focal points: the unchanged nature of God’s character, the consistency of God’s acts & the integrity of God’s word.

Lastly I will love to make a clarification balance is not compromise, while the later speaks of consent to settle differences by arbitration, the former in this series would b knowledge of all the is to a truth. (e.g compromise would be trying to balance grace & law but balance is knowing all the sides there is to grace).

As the series continue I will encourage us to make contributions & observations for our mutual growth & learning.  Shalom.

(Revelation 21:16, Prov 11:1, Prov 16:11, Eph 4:10-16).



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