The Balance: Grace & The Law Part I (God’s Standard)

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Sam Peter sm

By Samuel Peter

I will love to begin with an analogy; you have to get to the Zenith (top floor) of a skyscraper very high, formerly the only option you had was go through the trouble of climbing the long unending, stressful stairs but presently you found a more fruitful & easy way through the lift. The truth is you have to get to the top whether you go through the stairs or the lift.

The stairs signify the law, the lift signifies Grace, and the peak is God’s Standard.

As we begin, I would establish that there is no balance between grace and the law; reasons being that the both concept are two different dispensations, trying balancing them would be compromise i.e. mending old garment with a new cloth (Matt 9:16).

While on one hand weighs a group of people with a legalistic view, obeying the law given to Moses, working so we can be saved at the end, on the other hand sits the group whose views contradicts the former, once saved forever saved, believe irrespective of your actions, grace has saved us all. The balance is in an understanding of a concept I tag ‘God’s Standard.

God’s Standard has not changed from the beginning of time; the only thing that changed was the ‘how’ to get there. God wanted a kind of being created in his image that will not only have dominion but have the very nature of God (i.e. holiness, righteousness, Love etc.). When man fell, the law came to show man that based on his own efforts, he can’t get the standard. Grace on the other hand, is showing man a more excellent way of reaching the standard which is through Jesus.

What am I saying?

Before the law came, God had a system of mercy, judgement & justice of which persons had their share of it – Adam, Eve, Cain, Noah’s generation, Sodom & Gomorrah etc. This proves that God had a standard He expected man to meet. There was no law of Moses when God drove Adam from the garden, but God had a yardstick through which he weighed man, so the day Adam fell from the image of Christ (God’s Standard), he had to leave the garden.

Till date the standard has not changed, if you get my drift you know that it’s fruitless to try to attain the height through human efforts because that will be trying to climb through the stairs, also you will debunk the concept of just believing alone without corresponding actions to enter the lift (Jesus) and get to God’s standard (Christ). The issue is not legalism or hyper Grace, the crux of the matter is meeting God’s requirements and expectation (Jesus) of which Jesus is the way (method), the truth (vehicle) the life (destination).

Whether you are in support of the law or for Grace, my main aim in the first post of the series is to establish that God has a standard. What the law did was to show man’s inability to meet that standard on his own (personal efforts), Grace came to enable us attain the standard.

2 Timothy 2:19 Nevertheless the foundation of God stands sure, having this seal, The Lord knows them that are his. And, Let everyone that calls the name of Christ depart from iniquity…  (Titus 2:11, Gen 1:27, Rom 6:14,)



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