Celebrating A Hero

"WWW.PHOTOGRAPHIKALASVEGAS.COM"In my 3rd in the university, I prayed God to give me divine ideas to solve my generation’s problems. The ideas that started coming were so big, that I couldn’t imagine implementing them in 20 years’ time then the Lord told me clearly – “Don’t worry I will give you the gift of men”.

In that season I attended Pleroma School of Ministry where I met this Hero. He handled the session of MARKET PLACE MINISTRY and that fueled my desire for entrepreneurship. I collected his number and that was how it all started.

For your information, there are several people working behind the scene to make Ajaoko what it is today and this is one of them. I count it a great privilege to have access to  such business mentor. He is a pastor, an entrepreneur, and international business coach. Sir, I value every of your input in my life and you will not go unrewarded I celebrate you today as you mark another fruitful year.

Please join me celebrate this Hero as he mark his birthday today.


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