The Watchmen

God is powerful, but He is handicap without usable, available people if he must do anything on earth. We understood from the scriptures and history that God cannot do anything on earth without involving man (Genesis 18: 17). These men are called the “watchmen”.

Every generation is responsible for its revival, hence if God must do anything meaningful in our generation there must be people who will be willing to submit and make themselves available to be “watchmen”. 

However, watchmen are made by God himself, and they had to, at a point let go of their personal interests and ambition and pick up Gods mandate for their lives. 
It is the responsibility of Christians, to make themselves available for this making process of the Spirit so as to make it a practice to intercede continually for God’s purpose to be fulfilled and for Christ’s righteous reign to be established over the earth. 

We need to constantly echo back to God his promises and give Him no rest until his brings them to pass.
Reflection: What are you going to sacrifice for this call? Have you been made?


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