Celebrating Celebrities 

Well! it’s not my fault because this is what we know how to do best at the camp of celebrities. 

If you’ve ever been to Kogi State University but not to Fellowship of Christians Students, then you have or are missing a lot. 

The crop of people there are just so unique, God loving and Kingdom minded, no wonder they are called celebrities. 

It was in a Bible study meeting on Tuesday, an unfamiliar young man stood up and gave an explicit exposition of the scripture during the contribution and Q&A session.
He drew my attention immediately only to discover that he was a fresher and that was his first time of coming to the fellowship – what a holy gut. I was not surprised when later God gave him the privilege of serving the fellowship in Bible study secretary and consequently president capacities. 
His humility and firmness I covet.  Happy Birthday sir, may you live to fulfill divine mandate for your life. I love celebrate you. 

And here’s another one. 

When set 2012 entered KSU, four of them attracted me unconsciously from FCS without no clear reason. Though I later found out the reason Josh is one of the four.

An MOV to the core. If you’ve ever heard of multi talented here’s a personified example. His sense of humor is so high yet Spirit filled. I know you are going places and may God lead you by his right hand as you take this journey. Josh I love you. Happy Birthday dear. 


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