Life Worth Celebrating 

Still on FCS KSU  Family. Permit me to write a little Epistle about this brother. 

Faculty of Agriculture in Kogi State University is located almost at the outskirts of the school. That was where I was when the need to get an urgent information arose. Lo,  I was out of airtime and there were  no places to get one. (Those days recharging through bank has not started) 
Just as I was looking frustrated and stranded,  my phone beeped, and guess what? it was an airtime from unknown number. I quickly recharged and saved the number as “Hmm Guy”. (Don’t ask me why) 
I later discovered that the airtime  was from Josh. We weren’t that very close then, so there’s no way I could have expected an airtime from him. Yet he responded to the Spirit’s leading. That’s how sensitive Josh is to Spirit. 
Friends, help me celebrate, one of the CELEBRITIES and a good friend as he marked this day today. Paul Joshua A. Yahaya, I have two prayers for you –  you will live to fulfil your purpose. God will establish you as voice in this generation. 
Let me not forget to mention that we eventually became room mate (Dangana Room 3). I learnt a lot of lessons from our staying together. Thank you for contributing to my life. 
I love you Josh. Happy Birthday.


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