​What if it was me! 

I ran into the sad news of the sudden demise of a legend – Samson Abioye- this afternoon. 

I’ve been thinking about Samson since I heard this sad news but not really about him for there’s nothing I can do about it right now, but actually about me. 
The big questions that have been ringing in my head… What if it was me?
What would I had told my master?
What would the world be saying about me right now?

Then, I told myself. 
“Nick, you are not your own. Whatever you’ve got or you are was given to you by God and you will give account of everything at the end. And the scary part of it is that the end might be sooner than I expect. 

• After all had been said and done.  What really matter the most is not what you did for yourself but what I do for others. That’s the key to relevance. Think contribution. 
And let me quickly say, that if you’ve not submitted to the Lordship of Christ. Then you are treading on a dangerous path. There’s no guarantee of tomorrow but you have today. 
It’s not a threat, it’s a  stern timely warning. A foe is threatened but friends are warned!


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