Celebrating a woman of Virtue 

We meet a lot of people in life, some we forgot, others we can’t because of their inputs. 

Again, one of the major dividend I enjoyed and still enjoying from NYSC is the calibre of people I had the opportunity to meet. This is one of them, thanks to NCCF. 
I call her “mama na” because she has the heart of a mother.
I call her “Bishop Mrs.” because of her wealth of wisdom and spiritual insight.
I can boldly say I’m very lucky to have met such a woman of virtue, daughter of Zion, an epitome of Humility, love and care.
I will not forget your words of encouragement so soon; they always speak volumes to me.
As you celebrate another year of God’s faithfulness, I pray for open heaven upon your life for greater kingdom exploit. Go in this thy might and fulfill that mandate God has given you. I celebrate with you ma.
Friends Join Celebrate This Woman of God, It’s Her BIRTHDAY



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