Celebrating a Woman of Virtue 

In certainty, NYSC camp would have been a boring experience for me…safe for the three musketeers!

I was on queue under a very hot Mangu sun waiting to be cleared when I sighted someone who looked familiar. On getting closer, I realised she’s actually the one  – We’ve known each other from KSU…  though from a distance. 
Eventually, we ended in the same platoon and long story made short the same PPA. 
On camp, with Essien David they called us the three musketeers. 
Aiyegbusi Joan Anuoluwa is a lover of God with deep wisdom and insight. Highly principled, discipline and always fun to be with. She’s a force this generation must reckon with.  
Thank you for contributing to my life and making my service year worth the while. 
I join the world to celebrate you today as you mark this unique day of your life. Happy Birthday dear.


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