This afternoon I was talking to a lady on how agriculture is the big thing happening now. Before I could finish the first sentence she  immediately responded “I’m not interested.”I was so surprised and asked to know why;

“I just lost 88k in soybean farming last season. I don’t think what they are saying about agriculture is actually true” she replied.

I then smiled and pleaded with her to answer some of my questions. After digging a little bit deeper into how she went about it, I discovered there were several things she did wrongly starting from the land preparation to fertilizers and other agrochemical applications. 

What’s my point? Agriculture is a big business yet a risky business. This risk can be prevented if you are equipped with some basic knowledge.  Running agribusiness profitably is a skill and can be learnt by anyone including you. It’s no rocket science!
If you want to equip yourself with this, permit me to introduce to you a three day comprehensive training on how to Make Millions from Agribusiness this training is been put together by Ajaoko Agritech Limited in collaboration with ActionCoach Nigeria. In this training you will learn everything you need to know in order to run agribusiness profitably. 
Call +234 814 702 4487, or send a WhatsApp message to 08167303461 and visit our website  for more details.


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