He Change my mindset and put me on course 

The most depressive moment of my life (Which actually turn out to be one of the best thing that ever happened to me) was that day in 2010 when I went to check my admission status in the cyber cafe. 

I couldn’t believe what my eyes met!  Food Science and Technology?  No way. What will I tell my friends and class mates – that I’m studying food in the university? the worst part was that it’s going to be five years.  I didn’t notice that tears were literally dripping from my eyes right there in the cyber cafe. 
But at last I got what I thought will be a perfect idea – to resume and change my course of study. 
But on reaching the university, while I was doing my registration abs few weeks into resumption, I met some people, that changed my mentality. They opened my mind to what actually food Science and technology involved and what I can do with it. That changed my approach, made me fall in love with the course and turn out to be the best thing that had ever happened to me. One of those people I met was Gideon Idenyi.  

Thank you sir for what you did for me. I cannot forget in a hurry. Please friends, join me celebrate a model as he mark this unique day in his life. Happy Birthday sir.


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