Bridging the Gap, Empowering Farmers 

Statistics has shown that in the year 2050, Nigeria will be the third most populous nation on earth. We must put everything in place to feed our ever growing population and feed them well.
If there’s any time to bridge the existing gap between the players in food and Agriculture value chain, no better time than now. And there’s no better tool to use than the almighty Information Technology.

You can only imagine the transformation in Africa food and agriculture where the farmers have direct access to both local and international markets, where they are not only able to sell their produce at their own price but can also buy, hire, lease or rent all farm inputs at a very subsidized rate.

There are several people who have the financial capacity and the goodwill to contribute their quarter  to the availability of safe, sufficient and nutritious food, but cannot go the farm because of one bottle neck or the other. What if these people are connected with farmers who are ready to work but doesn’t have the financial capacity? After all, we mustn’t all get our hands dirty to solve food problem(s). 
What if, it’s possible for farmers to have their buyer even before going to the farm, what if farmers don’t just produce what they think will be good for the market but what they know is suitable for the market demand, and what if it’s possible for farmers to run agriculture as a profitable business venture and not just a cultural heritage?
These are just a few transformational magic that ICT can do in African food and agriculture sector and Ajaoko Agritech Limited is pioneering that. Check out how at


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