My encounter with the Coca-cola International VP

I placed my ability to relate with people as one of my top-shelf-skill until recently when that notion was vehemently tried. I wanted to meet up with the International Vice President of Coca-cola at the 41st International conference of Nigeria Institutes of Food Science and Technology; after her brief but enlightening key note address. I really needed to ask some pressing questions.
While warming up and preparing what to say for the eventual meet up, I was calculating how such a powerful personality will respond to me. As a matter of fact, I had already created up to three different possible scene right from my seat. 
At last I took the bold step to go closer but before getting close enough my courage betrayed me. I was like oh, no! I can’t make this. Let me not embarrass myself. But thanks for a friend (Victor) who came around and inspired me. So we ran up to her just before she entered the inner executive room. We only requested for a snapshot but surprisingly, she stopped with an awesome welcoming smile. She asked us what we were into and after stating it, she took extra 5 minutes putting us through on some things we should add and others we should adjust as it concerns our project. 
I learnt two major things from that encounter: One – I learnt to walk up to anybody that I really needed something from  and Two – a true measure of greatness lies in how we treat people that are lesser than us and not just in what we possess or in the position(s) we occupy.
She redefined greatness for me. Nice meeting you ma’am.


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