Celebrating my Second Mummy 

In the few years I’ve lived, I’ve taken quite a number of steps. Some with certainty others in uncertainty. One of the most uncertain steps I ever took was coming to Jos after my graduation awaiting service. 
Although, I was obeying a divine instruction but I never had a clue of what Jos had for me. 
Little did I know that God had prepared a family for me in Jos – the Zakka family. I was supposed to stay in one of the rooms at FCS headquarters, being a volunteer with FCS, but  my “Jos Mummy” insisted I pack home. She had never seen nor known me but she opened her doors wide and welcomed me warmly. 
That’s how I became one of the Zakka family… It’s been two years and counting! The story of my life can’t be complete without the woman who took me in and mothered me.
Friends, today is her birthday, please join me to celebrate her. 
Ma, your contribution to my stay in Jos and my life is indelible. I can’t pay it all, only God can. 
I wish you fruitful years ahead. Happy Birthday mummy!!!


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