I wanted to give him a special Christmas gift  

“Merry Christmas babe”, that was the voice of my boyfriend. We started dating Six months ago after wooing me for a year and half. He promised to be the first to call, which he did. 
“Same to you darling”, I was happy I said yes to him. 

“Thanks babe. What are your plans for the day?” he asked. 

“Except you have special plans for us, nothing special on my side”. 

“Are you not going to Church?” he enquired. Why is he talking about Church all of a sudden. 

“I didn’t want to sound too religious, reason why I made no mention of it”. I lied, no plans for Church. 

“It’s fine. I’ll see you after service” he said and ended the call. He didn’t even say he loved me. What was that for? 

I gave a long sigh and lazily dragged myself from the bed. 

After church, I was anxiously waiting for his call. He said he was going to call, even after I dropped messages and missed calls for him, he didn’t call back. 
“I’m so sorry for calling you late. I was engaged in some things.” this was few hours after I called him. 

“It’s okay. I wasn’t waiting up” I lied. Again. I didn’t want to sound desperate. 

“Be ready, I’d be with you in thirty minutes time.” he said and ended the call again, without doing the needful. 

“You look beautiful tonight, darling.” he said, after we settled ourselves in a renowned restaurant. 
“Thank you.” I blushed under my skin. 

We ordered the same thing and ate. We talked virtually about everything and nothing. I was beginning to see myself as his wife. I was feeding on my thoughts when he cut in, “I have a Gift for you. I hope you like it”. He said as he slipped his hand into his suit pocket and brought out a chann with the shape of love crested on the head. 

“Wow! It’s beautiful. I love it! Thanks love”, I said and placed a light kiss on his lips. 

“I have prepared yours too. Just tell me where you’d want to have it. Your place or mine”, I told him seductively. 

“Let’s go to your place. I wouldn’t want you to stay out late.” he answered. 

“I’m coming. I need to relieve myself.” I told him and dashed into the room. I have prepared a special Gift for him and I’m giving him tonight “cos’ today at is Christmas. 
I came back to the sitting room with a transparent nightie on my body. I went to His side and stroke his hair. “I know this is what you want and I’m willing to give you tonight”. 

His expression became hard. He wasn’t smiling. He looked as though he’s been wounded. 

“Have you been deceived all your life?” he asked me, with a concerned expression. 

“What do you mean?” I was aghast at his question. What’s he trying to say? 

“Because it’s Christmas, you’re willing to give your body to me. Have you been treated like that all these while?”he asked again. 

“No! I was only trying to please you! I thought it would be nice since I had no gift to give you. I thought you’d want it!” How could he think of me so low? I was angry. 

“I’d never ask for your body as Christmas Gift. Christmas is worth more than that. It is the celebration of the birth of the saviour of the world. I wouldn’t want to take it for granted. I want to always keep Christ in my Christmas. I love you dear. I’d see you tomorrow. Goodnight love”. He said and left me in shock. I just made a fool out of myself. How could I still be a christian and forget how important today is to mankind? “Have mercy on me, Lord”, I prayed in silence.



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~Tono Omachi.


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