The Best Christmas Gift 

“So, it’s Christmas season again, isn’t it? ”
“Yes! ”
“What would be right a gift to present to our loved ones” 
Family 2:
“Dorathy, what kind of cloth or anything would you like for Christmas? ”

“The latest : Moschino, Gucci, Prada and… everything. I must rock it this year ”
Family 3:
“Man, last year’s Christmas was terrible!” 

“Why ”
“I missed Christmas date with my family but this year, hubby promised. We are going on a vacation trip to London. My family and I “. “Good for you ”

Family 4, 5, 6……down to the last celebrate their own Christmas in any of these manner and more. 
Truth is, most of us have limited Christmas to a season of only hitting material things. I just would ask you what the reason for Christmas really is to you? Who do you think is the reason for the Christmas we celebrate on every 25th? We no longer celebrate the real deal (Jesus’ birth), we celebrate ourselves. It’s grown worse like that! 
There is also this very dangerous trend of eliminating the Christ- in Christmas, replacing it with an “X”. So, we join this trend because, yes, it’s easy to write and musical in pronunciation too. And most especially, because it doesn’t sound Christian like. I had a walk with my friend some days back and we got talking about this “Xmas” thing. It looked strange to him to know that I do not buy the idea of spelling or pronouncing Christmas as “Xmas”. Then, he said something that struck me. He said, “Xmas is dope. Which one is Christ-? It’s too churchy and childish”. I just couldn’t help but get hurt. Even a child of God whom I expected to have known  better? This is serious! Christmas is now spelt Xmas just incase you’ve not gotten to know too. Oh! How exciting! 
Well, obviously, we’ve got a long way to go but as we move on, you should have this at the very back of your minds that Jesus is all about Christmas. If Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not involved, then it’s not Christmas!
The story of Zacheus in the Bible is not Christmas-like but to me, it is a significance of Christmas! I think if Zach were alive today, he’d approve of this because that was the day Jesus brought “SOZO”  into his house! “Today, SOZO is come to you and your household” and his life changed forever! 
What does SOZO mean? (Luke 19)

Now, it is an Hebrew word which means “SALVATION”. That one word “Sozo” encapsulates in itself four different meanings :
1) Salvation from sin
2) Deliverance from sin
3) Healing for your physical body 
4) Financial freedom 
These are the four things that SOZO entails and these are exactly the reasons why Jesus came – to give us salvation in all spheres of life. Salvation that far more than “I am born again” statement. One which pulls a man out of the mountain of trying to fulfill the law by hardwork. This is Christmas! This is what Christ came to do! Hence, Christmas ought to be celebrated in a  good  position of the heart with the knowledge of what Jesus came to do some 2,000 years ago.
So, you see, Jesus’ birth was not a show of the birth of some “Christian god”. It all  links up to His death and down again to what His death implies – SALVATION. Christmas is all about what Jesus came to do to reunite us with the Father and with Him at the center. From hence, know who/what you celebrate and celebrate in a just manner. Keep Christ in every Christmas!

By Grace Akowe 

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