Awesome Christmas Poem by Grace Akowe 

Years past a virgin’s found, 

And sacred was that night with silent sound, 

A King has been born now somewhere around the pound

Who’d believe this again He’s born to save the whole world 
Lighting up and giving hope and releasing the sword

So man could rest and fight in a bellicose world

 His birth called three sages, 

Who left doubts and looked through cages, 

For the One who was born without rages, 

The Messiah of the world  with no gages

And hear this cut from me ;
It is not a myth

It is not a mirage 

The scripture says it more more

Don’t you think it’s a sauce man-made! 

It’s too divine a synopsis to be natural 
That a God would despise His crown to die not supernatural 

Now listen to sounds  in your hearts and write on your diurnal 

What lyrics of worship could be thought to transcend unto Him preternatural 

Christmas bells ring
But like sounds of swing? 

Or like that of wind? 

Never heard before 

But I hear the truth that comes from my Spirit 

It’s the story of Jesus’ birth

What does Christmas make? 
We have lots of fun? 

We make lots of bun

We board lots of gon

We visit much of Lon

We were called to dine
We wouldn’t reject any offer to go wine

And cheese with juice we’d gladly take even in the midst of swine

The blind knows it’s Christmas because of gorgeous clothes down the line

The Reason for the season Himself is not known 
Yet do we celebrate vain things as the season comes around the circle 


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