Keep Christ in Christmas: Episode 2

Sigh JK x Yb jjcxfjncEpisode 2

To me, I wouldn’t cope with those rules in NCCF family house, so I rented an apartment against all odds. But since I would be discipled by Sis Deola, I obeyed her instructions to move in to the family house. To cut the story short, my spiritual life took a different turn, as I totally broke up with all my boyfriends and gave up on my wayward female folks, I faced Christ squarely,  not even Anything I could think of could take away my love for God. 

 It was almost two years after the service year, and though I was still a Christian but then the zeal of then was diminished. Probably, because I got too choked up with work to have time Church activities,  I skipped my daily quiet time most of the days in the week because I usually rush out to catch up the bus to my place of work. There was no sister Deola here anymore, who could check on my spiritual welfare. It drastically drained to zero level. 

And last year, during the Christmas period I closed at work and returned to my hometown in Ibadan, settled for all the merriment in Xmas. Then 3days to Christmas, as i walked  around the mall to pick up some stuffs needed,  I stumbled on one of my ex Prince Charming, Theophilus, I was dazed at his appearance that I couldn’t move, he called me by my nickname then, Damzyberry and before I new what was happening, he moved close and gave me the warmest embrace of the year, I couldn’t resist his masculinity mixed with the fragrance of his perfume.

 I held him tightly, like never wanting to let go. We then exchanged contacts and fixed a date for the eve of Christmas, 24th Dec. 

I was dressed to slay, that very day as I went to meet with him at Ventura, we gisted for a while over the meal and brought back memories of the past, when we were still dating. He didn’t fail to mention how sexy and hot I used to be on bed and how he still longed to devour all that I have kept away from him all these years. For a moment I felt very uneasy with his talk but didn’t want him to notice my dissatisfaction.

We concluded the date on a deep scene of kisses and romance, after which we parted to our various homes. Little did I know that The brief moment of romance had ignited a passion burning like fire which water could not quench. I found myself reinstating the scene over and over again in my head despite the busyness in our house in preparation for the Christmas. It was as though I was cut out of my immediate environment, into a realm only me could describe, it’s obvious I was becoming horny that I had to pick up my fone to dial Theo’s number. He composed himself on the phone conversations that I imagined if  he had been busy doing nothing than thinking about me. 

We met at KY hotel room just in the evening of Christmas, and I totally surrendered my body to him to devour till day break. I didn’t even mind what has been his sexual history all these years of our break up. To me all those didn’t matter as long as I had him to myself now.

By Odesola Taiwo 


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