This is the time of the year Misunderstood

 The evidence of love Unfold

He came all on his own 

Bearing the mark of The Throne

Leaving His mansion Above. 

Swiftly drifting we misunderstood 
Cause somehow the enemy turned all to wrong

Gradually his birthday turned into a season to sin, 
A season to freedom with death 

A season to fulfill fleshly desires 

Some ladies even feel obligated to give their bodies as a Christ’s birthday present to their boyfriends. 

Hmmmm Misunderstood. 
The greatest season of all
A precious time to remember when our Savior was born

A wonderful time to be sure His coming and death wasn’t in vain in our lives

A precious time to share 

A precious time to love 

A precious time to love Him as He has Loved us. 

It’s Christmas because there is a CHRIST in it. 
It’s not about You 
But about Christ.

Keep Christ
Keep Rising!


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By Benery Bello 


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