Build Your Capacity to Feed The Future

I was talking to some young people recently on the need to receive training and build their capacity in agriculture and one of them queried:

“What other training do I need? Agriculture was handed down to us by our ancestors: my great grandfather and my grandfather was a farmer, my father and I were born and raised into farming; what new thing do I really need to learn that I have not learnt?”

I gazed at him with a big grin, and then I realized that this is the position of most Nigerians when it comes to building capacity in agriculture/agribusiness. This, I believe, is basically due to the wrong understanding of farming, agriculture and agribusiness, which are considered as one and the same by many people.

When you mention agribusiness people think it starts and ends with farming. Well, it will interest you to know that farming, agriculture and agribusiness are three different things. (I will tell you the difference in my subsequent blogs, so subscribe and stay tuned.)

However, I would love to focus on the need to build capacity in agribusiness, if you must be successful in the venture.

Here it is:

One of the definitions of insanity is to continue to do the same thing and expect different results. What do I mean? As long as you continue to run and practice agriculture as your great grandfather did, you will continue to get the result he got. However, if we must scale-up agriculture, run it as an agribusiness and position ourselves to feed the ever growing population, then the place of training and capacity building is inevitable.

We know agriculture is practical, but let me remind you that so is medical practice: surgical blades are not just handed over to anyone for surgical purposes; they must have a good theoretical knowledge before going to the practical (i.e. getting it right on paper before taking it to the field). What if we practice agriculture that way?

That is exactly what Ajaoko will be doing for you. We have put together various agricultural capacity building platforms that will not only equip you with the latest and relevant technology in agriculture and good agricultural practices, but that will also help you to see and run agriculture as a profitable business, taking advantage of different value chains.

Register at to learn more.

P.S: If you feel your friends also need to know about this opportunity, share this post and together let’s make the availability of safe, sufficient and nutritious food possible for all Africans.


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