My kind of business gives me the opportunity to work directly with smallholder owners in rural areas.

There’s a mentality I discovered among most smallholder owners that needs to be corrected if we must upgrade agriculture in rural areas.

Most of the farmers in rural areas think that the government owes and has an obligation to support them financially, and as long as the government will not do that, they won’t upgrade production. As a matter of fact, many of them believe they are doing the government a favour by going to farm.

Farmers on the farm

This mentality is mostly as a result of the fact that many of them have not come to see farming as a business as opposed to just as a cultural heritage.

Most agricultural interventions in Nigeria are basically through social supports and not business investments that can help farmers upgrade production.

I believe in government’s intervention in agriculture and food production, especially in providing an enabling environment, but I also believe that farmers need to be empowered with the adequate information and orientation for them to realize that if they begin to run their various farms as business enterprises, we can be more than what we are at present. If the “tech” industry can strive in Nigeria, I believe the Agricultural sector can, too. We need the right mindset.

Let’s talk about Agri- Food Innovation


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