The Worth of a Bottle of Coke

About 3 years ago, I followed a role model – Uncle Zakka – to one of the numerous life skill training he was invited to facilitate.

I respect uncle Zakka when it comes to life skills facilitation. He has this unique ability to create an analogy from anything. He gave an analogy in the training that is still fresh in my memory till date.

In that analogy, he brought out a bottle of soft drink and removed the cork. He asked the participants if they will buy any soft drink with the cork removed; all of them answered no. He asked why and some responses were; It may be fake, it might be contaminated, I don’t know the person that drank it, it might be poisoned etc.

He then added, once a bottle of soft drink is uncorked before the appropriate time:

1. Nobody will buy it from the seller
2. It leaves the content vulnerable to any kind of contamination
3. It loses its value, dignity and Worth.

In other word, the worth of a bottle of soft drink is not only in the content but also in the cork, as a matter of fact, without the cork, the usability of the content is questionable.

He went further to explain that, if however the bottle of soft drink can find its way to the manufacturer, he will change the content, clean up the container, refill it and cork it afresh. It regains its dignity and value.

Then he explained;

Virginity (Both for male and female) is like a cork on a bottle of soft drink, it is its seal of dignity, worth and value. Once it is removed before before the appropriate time, you lose your worth spiritually and physically, you become vulnerable to any form of contamination and above all, you may be rendered unsellable.

However, If you can find your way to the manufacturer, he can make you a new person again.

Remember, purity can be restored but virginity can not. Don’t lose your value in the name of valentine. It’s a value-time.


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