Men Behind the Scene 4

When I was much younger, I saw a style of sweater in a movie and loved it, so I decided to disturb my parents to make one for me. Initially, mum was reluctant. But after much persuasion and persistence, she eventually asked a knitter to knit one for me.

When the sweater came after two weeks, it was a colossal disappointment; nothing in any way resembled what I described for the woman. I ended up giving my younger brother the sweater.

Since then, my appetite for Nigerian- made sweaters was killed, not until I got to Ibadan. Actually, I had problem with my bank account when I needed my money urgently, and a very caring friend shared my predicament with the Co-founder of Goldweft Creation. When she was telling me about her, she was putting on a very neatly knitted sweater, coincidentally knitted by her.

Then my appetite for sweater reawakened again. I asked her to make one for me and it way beyond my expectation.

If you love what I’m wearing in this picture, then contact Esther of Goldweft Creation on +2348039114934. She delivers across Nigeria and even beyond. Don’t forget to mention Nicholas.

Let me quickly add that she actually helped me fix my account. Don’t ask me how!


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