Entrepreneurs Connect – The Power of Synergy

One of the traditional methods of farming in the northern part of Nigeria is the use of animals such as cows and donkeys to plough or till the soil. Farmers will always yoke two animals together for this purpose.

I love to know the “why” of things so I always like asking questions. So I quizzed, “why do they choose to yoke two animals together when they can use two of them separately at the same time?” I was told by the farmers that they have discovered from experience that when two animals are yoked, they perform more task and in lesser time compared to when they work separately.

This is the power of synergy!
It’s one of the secrets of most successful entrepreneurs. They network and leverage on other people a lot such that other people’s strengths complement their own weakness(es).

This is exactly the main idea behind The Entrepreneurs Connect. This brilliant platform created by Goldweft Brand provides an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to connect, network and learn.

It was a great privilege to be part of the maiden edition today where I shared my own experience on how to fund a startup (business). Other sessions include effective marketing, the legal side of the business, business pitching and lots.

I was fortunate to meet and network with young guys doing great things in different spheres. I will be writing about some of them in my subsequent posts. Stay tuned.

It’s was really a great time for me. There was a lot of networking, learning, hanging- out and of course, the grilled fish was superb. You need to taste it.


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