God is an Investor

No investor will put his money in a business just because he likes you or the business idea; he will only bring out his money because he is convinced that the business is profitable and will not only bring back the money invested but will also make a profit for him.

Your life was out for auction, but God, being an investor who is profit-crazy, put up the highest bid and paid the price of redemption. He didn’t just stop there; He went further to invest in your life.

Think of the word God has been sending to you. Think of the thousands of naira that is being spent to make sure the word of God comes to you. What about the labour of brethren over your life?

It is either you are on campus and your fellowship leaders and other brethren-normal students like you-stay awake praying for you, rehearsing songs and drama, just to make you grow in faith. A lot of people sacrifice their time studying the scripture so that you can be fed with the right word. You are sometimes sponsored to conferences and meetings, even when you don’t have money, so you can hear God’s word and be edified.

Or that you’ve graduated and are serving, and there on the camp, you meet another platform in NCCF. God is doing exactly the same thing, but this time around it is just for one year. NCCF executives are fasting for you, staying awake all through the night and having meetings, which the central objective is to make sure that you grow and are edified.

Or that the service year is over, but God is still not over with you. He places pastors and friends over your life. They are not living a normal ordinary life, so you can live an extraordinary life. They tarry in prayers, fasting and with the word so you can be impacted.

After all this investment over your life, what can you say is God’s dividend? Can heaven look at you and say, “yes! This investment in your life is worth it”? Will God see the fruit to eat from you or you are just covered with leaves? Remember, in whom much is invested, much is expected.

Think about it.


3 thoughts on “God is an Investor

  1. Esther Yunana says:

    Indeed God is an investor he has invested by sending his only son to pay the price that we can not pay by our self in order for us to make the right choice of eternity i pray that God will give us the grace to run the till the end and Bro I pray for more grace upon ur to stand


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