Assist a Friend

John Manson, a prolific writer was one of the first authors I was introduced to as a teenager. He mentioned in one of his book that you cannot help somebody to the peak of the mountain without getting closer to the peak yourself.

You may not have money to support a friends’ business, career or a course. But a little like, comment or even a share of his/her business post on social media would cost you almost nothing but go a long way to help the business grow.

There are some people in my network that no matter what I become, I cannot ignore them. It’s not because they do great things for me but because they did small things when I needed them most and this could be as little as sharing, commenting or liking my posts.

It’s unfortunate that people comment more on Jokes and pictures than on valuable posts.

Remember, if your network is strong you are strong.

Special thank you to everyone who has liked, commented or shared my post or Ajaoko post hitherto. You are the reason we are where we are. Surely, you will be part of our success story.

P.S: If you have any business, career or project post that you want to go viral. Feel free to tag me. I will be privileged to do my part.


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