Join me: Processing and Packaging Indigenous Food Products

By 2050 the world population will hit 9 billion, and Nigeria in particular, will displace the US to become the 3rd most populous country on earth. The food and agriculture sector is faced with a challenge of feeding this population without compromising the climatic sustainability.

Globally, we have the choices of increasing the current food production, reducing the food losses or even both. Nigeria has the prospect to feed the world well given the abundant arable land and conducive climatic resources. However, without processing, we will still be exporting food raw materials at a ridiculously low price and in then import processed food products at a high price just like what is happening to crude oil.

I strongly believed that adding value to Nigerians indigenous food products through processing and preservation is a sure path to not only alleviating hunger and malnutrition but to also boost the economy of both the farmers, cottage industries and the nation at large.

It’s time to have Zobo and Kunu in can or get carbonated. We can package pap just like custard! What about having iru and okpeye in cubes just like any other seasoning. Yes, this is possible.

Join me on a technical session at Abeokuta, as I discuss the economic prospects of processing and packaging of indigenous food with young food professionals.


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