Fill The Jar To The Brim – Capacity Building

The first miracle of Jesus is a story we are very conversant with, but something stood out for me this morning and I felt led to share with you.

Jesus had the power to just speak a word and flood the entire wedding with wine, but He didn’t do that; rather, He asked the servants to fill the jars with water to the brim. God is always ready to perform a miracle in my life, but He sometimes wouldn’t want to do it without me. He wants me to be part of the process, He wants me to bring a level of obedience to the table. Where divine instructions meet prompt obedience, the miracle is inevitable.

Also, God wants me to play a natural part before He can release the supernatural. He wants me to bring to the table what HE has naturally provided before He can supernaturally provide my needs. This is always consistent with great works in the scripture. Remember the staff of Moses? The vessel of a debtor-prophet’s wife, and so on?

What has God provided for you? What gift or talent have you got? What strength has God provided? That’s your Jar, so fill it to the brim. Build that capacity to the maximum; develop that talent until you become skilful; bring your best to the table and I bet you, it may be ordinary natural water but at God’s instruction, it will turn to wine when you draw it out.

Note that the quantity of wine available that day was a function of the capacity of the jar and the level to which the jar was filled with water. There are some opportunities God wants to bring your way, but He won’t because you don’t have the capacity yet. God is a God of order and love. Because He loves you, He won’t bring what is beyond your power. Build your capacity to carry more and see Him releasing more.

Fill the Jar to the brim.
The complement of the season


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