K3C Writing Competition

Wow, The #KeepChristInChristmas Campaign has been up and wheeling for some weeks and it’s been awesome. If you have not been part of it, you are really missing out.

Anyway, here’s a catch for you. For the last few days…
We want to shift our scope of operation. So, we present the first ever K3C Writing Competition.

Timeframe: 20th-22nd Dec.

Result: 23rd Dec.

Goal: Winners’ works will be used for the last three days of the campaign.

√ POEM (Maximum of 5 stanzas)
√ QUOTE (Maximum of 30 words)
√ SHORT STORY (Maximum of 300 words)

° The work must target Keeping Christ in Christmas
° The work must be authentic
° It must be your idea
° It must be publishable
° It must promote the campaign
° Submit your work to all three judges (08140929486- Josh 0816 813 6427- Purity 0806 210 0656- Jonah: via WhatsApp).
° Write your name, phone number and address at the end of your work.

Reward: In order to ensure that it is the burden of the campaign that’s your driving force, the reward won’t be announced. However, the winners will definitely have a mouthwatering reward.

Click to join the WhatsApp group.


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