K3C Prayer Chain

PS: I’m Sending to you in Trust

K3C – Keep Christ in Christmas Campaign was born out of the burden to see that the real essence of Christmas, who is Christ is not neglected during the celebration. For the past 90 days over 300 volunteers have been updating their social media platforms with quotes, articles and poems targeted at reawakening the consciousness of people to keep Christ in Christmas.

One of the crucial parts of the campaign is the daily prayer focus and God is calling on you to be part of the prayer chain today.

Prayer Focus: That the heaven should release Grace upon the young and old as they celebrate Christmas Tomorrow.

The Burden: Truth is, there are some people that are at the verge of making a decision this season that will have an impact on their life and destiny. We want to stand with them in prayers this season. So we are planning a 24 hours prayer mobilisation for standing Christians.

We want to snatch as many as possible from the jaw of the enemy this season.

God is calling on you to commit at least 10 minutes of your time between the 24th and 25th December, to prayer for a soul to be saved or delivered from the enemies snare this season.

We are hoping that every one hour there should be a prayer incense reaching heaven for souls in this Christmas.

We are looking forward to raising at least 240 people to pray 10 min each for the next 24 hours.

Please share this with your network, so that they can join us in this move.
God Bless you.
K3C Team


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