Before You Quit Posting, Read This

Sometimes mid this year, I was in a serious mess concerning a project I was working on. It was so overwhelmingly frustrating that I started nursing the thought of quitting. One night, the thought became so strong that I decided to draw my quitting strategy but just after my devotions the next morning, I put on my data and I started going through my contacts’ Whatsapp status. Then I came across where someone wrote “You’ve come too far too quit, give it a little more push, you may be closer to the breakthrough than you think”

Gbam! that was the words. I’ve heard these words before, but it came to me with a fresh light that morning. It was a game changer for me.

I revisited the quitting plan that has been drawn, Lo and behold, in between the lines were the very breakthrough strategies.

Unfortunately, I plunge into immediate action that morning that I never took note of who posted the status.

Score Point: If you have been posting quality contents online in 2018, and it looks like you are wasting your time. I want you to know that you are not. It’s changing lives, providing insights, correcting wrong mentalities and causing damage to ignorance somewhere. You may never know. Don’t give up and do not let “Likes and Comments” discourage you.

I want to really appreciate everyone who has added to my bank of knowledge and ideas in 2018 on social media. Let’s do it again next year. Let’s flood the internet with the good things and the Bad will naturally die.

Have a pleasant Last Day of 2018.


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