I love bananas, especially when it is mature and ripe. Munching on that soft and succulent fruit can be so delicious that I can live on it a whole week. So anytime you want to buy fruit for me, think of ripe bananas.

However, my love for banana cannot drive me to plug immature and unripe one. Not only that I will not enjoy it, but it also implies that I will have some detrimental effects on my mouth and even my overall health system. The difference between the two bananas (mature and immature) is Time.

That idea is awesome! In fact, when implemented it can change the world, it can turn your generation around, but the question is “Has the time come yet”?

When you want to talk of people that fulfilled their mandate to the maximum on earth, the first person that comes to mind is the Lord Jesus Christ. He was a man who understood his mandate. But the statement he made at the wedding in a small village of Cana got me thinking. He replied to his mother when he was asked to provide wine that had run out – “My time has not yet come”.

Jesus did not only have a full understanding of his mandate, but he also knew when the right time for his manifestation was.

Could it be that the reason why what seems not to be working is that the time has not yet come?

The lord says we should knock and the door will be open, Maybe the door has refused to open just because the time has not come yet? What if you give it more time? What about retreating to the drawing board and make some more research and adjustments while waiting for the right time?

You see, the waiting time can really be resourceful, most especially when you are actively waiting. If you can use the waiting time to sharpen that skill, build your capacity, make enough mistakes and learn more, the time of manifestation will come really big.

Just like the unripe banana, you may have what it takes to change the world. But if it is not yet the time, detaching yourself from the parent plant can lead to premature death and termination of usefulness. Give it time!

Welcome to 2019.


7 thoughts on “MY TIME HAS NOT YET COME

  1. Olumide Adaolowo says:

    God bless Nick. I believe your vision would immensely contribute to the productivity of agriculture in Africa and beyond and would provide solution to some of the goals of the SDGs such as Zero hunger and no poverty, if consistently followed.
    Farmers need to be equipped even those who are not professionally in this field should be aware and should have the knowledge too. This would in turn contribute positively to the economy of the nation.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shaibu Enyojo says:

    Hmmmm… This is awesome. The TIME factor… He (God) makes all things beautiful in His own Time.. Indeed, Time and chance happens to all things… More Grace sir


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