Join The Purpose Driven Life Reading Club

Three years ago, I started volunteering with FCS at the Directorate of aid4Life and one day, the Director, Uncle Zakka, decided to buy a gift for everyone with the Directorate, the book was ” The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. I’ve heard of the book before then but had not really taken my time to read it. Going, through the book, my perspective about life changed. My life was refocused having fully understood the purpose of life.
So, From then till now, I made it a point of the duty to read it, every year, specifically in the first forty days of the year.

Please forgive my manners, Happy new year once again. The year has started and actually, it will wait for no one, so the best thing is to start immediately so as not use the whole year pursuing the time you’ve lost. Like John Manson said, “some people will miss the first hour of the day and use the remaining 23 hours looking for it.”

Haven said that one of the best ways to start your year is to really search and understand The Purpose for your life. For the past three years, that’s what I’ve been doing and I bet you it has been awesome. I kept on rediscovering myself over and over again.

Rick Warren’s book, ” The Purpose Driven Life” has been my manual. It’s simple, practical and refreshing. This year, I will love to invite you to Join the team that that will yet benefit immensely from this book.

You might have read it before, but I bet you it’s worth reading over and over.
Then join the purpose driven life team.


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