This Thing Called Valentine

By Gift Knowledge

Right from infancy, I had had a very bad notion about this thing called Valentine. It wasn’t strange to hear my elderly cousins and neighbours talk so lovingly about Valentine in those days. Then they will say to me, when you grow up you will understand.

The orientation they gave to us was that Valentine is a period of romance and hanging out with one’s date. O how they abused our mind to long for emptiness.

But then as a teenager, I wanted to go against the norm. So on one valentine eve, I walked into a supermarket and bought a frame. The writeup on it read “Words alone cannot express how much you mean to me”. I gave the frame to an old woman in our church that has been so committed to my life. When she saw it, she felt loved.

I could literally see the excitement on her face. She hung the frame on the wall of her sitting room and I saw it every time I went to pay her a visit for several years after. Sometimes she would deliberately refer to that gift even after I have grown up.

It is another valentine; while I don’t want to know the origin of it, I believe we can make the best use of this season to show love to those who are unlikely to receive love this period. Buy gifts and send messages to our parents and siblings. Reach out to those destitute on the street, visit the sick, prisoners and orphanage. Talk to someone about Jesus. Pray deliberately for people you would ordinarily not remember in your prayers. Encourage someone that is a week…

Rather than use this time to destroy your life or offend your maker, you can use it to lay up treasure for yourself in heaven.

© *WKG*

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