Have you ever been hurt before, especially by those you love and trust? No matter how nice you are, you are not immune to being hurt? People are going to step on your toes, irritate you and/or slander you, either consciously or unconsciously; it’s normal for all humans.

So when (not if) you are hurt, what should you do?

The arguably most influential man that ever walked the face of the earth shared ancient wisdom with us about this matter.

He said: “Don’t let evil conquer you but conquer evil by doing good.”

That sounds simple, but I bet it’s not easy; that’s why many people can not do it. I know you will want to get even with that person; you need to show him that you are not a fool, after all, you understand your right, But that’s exactly the genesis of strive, fight, and even war. Just like you can’t put off flame with another flame, you won’t be able to quench your hurt by trying to hurt the one who hurt you; it will only escalate. Norma Vincent Pearl advises us to always choose to respond and not react.

As you step out today, have it at the back of your mind that people are going to hurt you; when it happens, choose to do the exact opposite to what they did to you. Be in charge of your emotion; do not let anyone control you by what they do. Actually, Zig Ziglar was right: “It is not what happens but what you do to what happens that counts.”

Choose to conquer evil with good. That’s what maturity is all about, and it’s one of the secrets to a happier life.


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