A poultry farmer walked into a chicken feed store, and as he took his wallet to pay for the feed, he asked the feed seller: “Please, I am spending so much buying chicken feed; my birds eat too much. What can I do or mix with the feed to make it last longer?”

If you are a poultry farmer, this scenario is very familiar, and it must have played out almost every time you go to buy poultry feed. I know you desire to save the cost and make more profit.

Unfortunately, most feed sellers may not have a genuine answer to your question; after all, he also wants to sell as much feed as possible to stay in business. I bet you he won’t tell the farmer what to do (that’s if he even knows what to do) so he can come and buy some more.

Now here is the good news:

Agribusiness Academy is here to train you on how to formulate your own feed to save cost, as well as prevent losses, as she holds 2-day intensive training sessions from the 5th-6th of April, 2019.

What if I’m not a poultry farmer, but wish to earn extra money by formulating the feed? We’ve got a unique package for you. We will not only train you on how to make it but will also connect you to the right market.

You can learn more why you should know how to make your own poultry feed in this blog post.

Contact us for more on 2348167303461 or on WhatsApp



  1. Abubakar Dabo says:

    I found this blog useful. I had been throwing away all the garbage from the kitchen unnecessarily. And spending so much on the homestead poultry farm I put in place of twenty boilers and twenty layers. The results is tremendous. Thanks a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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