The depletion of natural resources, such as arable lands and water, may not be a threat to food production in the future after all.

Currently, a team of researchers from Wageningen Environmental Research are making attempts to grow plants on Mars.

The research, which started in 2013, consisting of ecologists and exobiologists, has successfully grown several crop species, such as tomato, radish, quinoa, pea, and spinach.

One result from the experiments proves that the vegetables are safe to eat when grown on these soils. The experiment shows that crops are able to boldly grow on Mars and moon soil simulants, reported Wageningen University of Research Library newspaper.

Very soon, we will be bringing our food from Mars to earth. What do you think could be some pros and cons of this technology?

Wieger Wamelink, Ecologist and exobiologist, Wageningen Environmental Research (Photo Joep Frissel)


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