One of the most powerful laws in the universe that I’ve discovered is what I call the LAW OF REPLACEMENT.

The law states that everything that has an alternative or a substitute can be replaced. Very simple natural law, but not too many people have been able or know how to explore the benefits for a quality life.

One of the areas of life that this law finds practical application is in emotional intelligence. There are sometimes that your emotions will fail you, people or your environment will damp your emotions and try to discourage you, and the fear of the uncertain future will tear your emotions down. But the good news is that all those negative feelings can easily be handled when you learn how to apply the law of replacement.

The application of the law is simple: when you are feeling sad, replace it by thinking of what makes you happy. When people hurt you with disappointment, think of those awesome moments that people have done wonderful things you didn’t expect for you.

When the answers to your prayers seem to delay, think of those times that God had answered your prayers, and even did for you what you didn’t pray for.

Put the law of replacement to use today by simply learning how to switch to the positive alternative and you will put your emotions under check: the simple secret to living happily.


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