Precious Image

By Precious Muhammed

I can’t stop
No! It keeps on coming
I keep on doing it
I keep on taking it
I keep on watching it
It blinded my conscience
Never letting go
Never wanting a change

Oh how I feel messed up
After a round or two
On what I call pleasure….
Playing dumb to the reality that this is something that can weigh me down
Cut me off God’s standard
Defile my mind
Pollute my spirit
Stop my growth
And even ruining my destiny
All to the satisfaction of one man —


Just for the flesh
My mind is polluted
My heart is dirty
My soul is rejected
For once can’t a change happen in my life?
How long will I continue?…….

This is the heart cry of so many addicts that seek a change. How long can you continue? You are so precious to God He loves you so much. He wouldn’t let you get wasted some kind of addiction.

The only thing you have to do is to ask Christ for help I know it’s not easy
You’ve been on it for long but dear don’t you think it’s enough. Don’t you think it’s high time you stand up to it? with Christ at your forefront. Holding on to him while he leads you through the path of purity, love, joy and peace.

My dear
Don’t let the devil cheat you and rob you of your destiny. Cut off from that addiction and fill that void with God’s word, prayer, positive thoughts or even mentors that can help you out of it. God will guide you all the way because he loves and cares for you. Nothing is too hard for God to do. He can change you. Believe me, He can.



One thought on “A CRY OF AN ADDICT (POEM)

  1. Aaron Samson says:

    The poem, the cry of an addict, is one amongst most of the few poems that has touched my soul and blessed my life. More Grace Miss Precious


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