My teenage days were very exciting days for me. The books I read, the seminars I attended and tapes I listened to at that phase of my life, formed the basis for developing the personal principles that still worked for me to today. That is why I will always refer back to them as I look back and draw some important lessons.

I remembered in 2009, during my one-year waiting period before going to university after secondary school. I attended a youth fellowship meeting where the guest speaker made a powerful statement that is still ringing in my head till today: “Life exists in movement. You either move or be removed”. This was to me, nothing more than a wonderful motivational rhyme then as I had little or no understanding of the statement. But as I grew up, I began to have a clearer view of that quote.

It is true that the largest room in the world is room for improvement. No matter what you have achieved in your personal career, as an organisation or institution, if you don’t make a deliberate effort to improve, you will not last long on the shelf of relevance. The world is dynamic, you can’t afford to remain static.

In reality, there is really nothing as stagnation. You are either moving forward or sliding backwards. As long as you remain in one place, people behind you with catch up and overtake you. If you must remain relevant, you have to make a deliberate effort to add value to yourself.

Johnson Manson once wrote in one of his books,

“don’t be afraid of going slowly but be scared of not moving at all”.

Remember, You must not make a quantum leap, but you can add one step at a time.

What are your personal development plans for 2019?


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