Some years ago, I was sent to get some cassava cultivars from a farm I have never been. On my way, I came to a point and noticed that there was no visible continuation of the footpath some distance away. I felt I had taken the wrong route and decided to trace my path back.

Fortunately, walking some few meters back, I met a man and asked for the right path. To my surprise, he told me that I just turned from the path. After moving some distance, I noticed that it was actually A BEND OF THE ROAD, NOT THE END.

Many people have given up their dreams too early as a result of obstacles. They thought life had ended for them, never realising that it was just a bend. Please be informed that life is not as straight a path as some say/think, or as it is portrayed in movies. It is made up of bends, so do not mistake them for an end. Continue trying. Pray to God for direction. Ask questions if necessary, and sooner than you think, you will get to your destination.

The most interesting part of my story is that I didn’t walk much distance before I got to the farm, after navigating the bend. Do not give up now; you may be closer to success than you think. Keep pushing. Keep trying.

Score Point

Persistence is a non-negotiable price for success. Do not give up. It’s not over yet. The bend of the road is not necessarily the end.


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