On our way to Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Foundation (TEEF) forum 2018 held at Lagos Law school, I shared an exciting business idea with our company’s Business Development Manger, about the potential business opportunity in intra-Lagos water transport system.
I pointed out how the land is so congested (we were held up in a traffic on Lagos mainland bridge), but the sea is left idle.

We discussed on how a start-up can serve in this space and be the first mover. However, we saw financing as a major bottle neck in bringing this idea to fruition.

In less than a year later, GOKADA, a pioneer corporate commercial motorcycle start-up in Lagos has decided to be the first mover in this space. I love GOKADA for daring the seemingly difficult market space. Although as usual, we expect other players to follow suit soon. Who knows, may be we will Join as well.

I definitely was not the only person that have thought of this idea. But though, a single action is worth more than a million ideas. The world is not changed by men with ideas but by men who dare to take the bull by the horn to bring their idea to fruition.

Score Point:

If you it can be thought of, it can be done. If you are the one to think it, strive to be the first to do it.


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