7 Countries, 19 Students, 3 trainers, and 2 weeks course.

Imagine you are in a class where you are the youngest and your course mates cut across seven different countries, backgrounds, origins and different levels of experiences, such as professors, doctors, and actors, who have been practicing even before you were born.

This is the description of the situation I found myself at the “Making Agribusiness Work” course organized by ICRA Wageningen, The Netherlands.

It has indeed been a fruitful two weeks for me, learning how to make agribusiness work, especially for the smallholders.

Besides the quality and relevant course contents, the relationship, networking and the bond between the participants are exceptional. It’s so amazing to see everyone so down-to-earth. Humility indeed is a virtue.

I will greatly miss both my course mates and trainers.

If you want to make your agribusiness work, Yours Sincerely will not hesitate to deploy the acquired knowledge and skills from this course to help you. You can always reach out to me at any time.


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