By Jonah Sunday

I Don’t Have A Potbelly.

I’m sure you know a few people who have potbellies. I don’t know if you like them, but I am not really a fan of potbelly, and I’ll ensure I don’t have one for few reasons.

One, I don’t know if my wife would love a man with a potbelly, so I don’t want to take that risk. I can’t lose that pretty woman because of potbelly.

Second, potbelly won’t fit my personality. I don’t want to imagine how I’d look with a potbelly. Please don’t help me to imagine it, thank you.

Let me stop here. But potbelly is not my real concern. Here is my main point:

Just as there are people with potbellies, so also there are people with pot-brains. Yes, POT-BRAINS!!!

These are people who have creative ideas locked up in their minds. They are so intelligent that they can take on virtually any subject matter and creatively dissect it.

They are trying as much as possible to pour out as much as they can to others, but it seems the more they try, the more the ideas replicate in volumes.

They can talk for hours without feeling exhausted, but just after they finish talking, there remain more ideas that can still fill the room on the same subject.

These are people with POT-BRAINS. If you look their brains up in a microscope, you’d see that they are protruding.

Why these people have POT-BRAINS is that they don’t know how to keep their brains in shape. Those with potbellies do because they don’t keep their bellies in shape.

If you don’t write, you will have a POT-BRAIN. The best fitness tip for those with POT-BRAINS is for them to write. Writing is what keeps the brain in shape. The more you write, the more your brain stays in shape.

I won’t be surprised if you have a POT-BRAIN.

Do you?

Jonah Sunday, The Author, When Men are Silent


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