Who Is An Entrepreneur?

It’s a good thing to start with a clarification of who an entrepreneur really is.

The words entrepreneur and entrepreneurship are buzzwords currently. There are several definitions by different people. My goal in this series is not to bore you with some academic jargons, but to simply show you what I call “My way of becoming a successful entrepreneur.” However, it is pertinent that we have a working definition.

Disclaimer: this is my definition of an entrepreneur. Don’t even try to Google it, because I don’t think you will find it, and your professors may mark you down if you use it in an exam.

“An entrepreneur is someone who is sensitive enough to recognize a problem(s), crazy enough to think that he can solve it, patient enough to pass through the rigorous process of actually solving it, and wise enough to make money from solving it.”

Everything you are going to learn from this series will be built on this solid foundation.

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