What Is Your Result?

Growing up was exciting for me. My parents were teachers in the village, and as such, I enjoyed a lot of preferential treatments in the community.

That’s because teachers are well-respected in the village, as they are seen as custodians of a kind of knowledge that is not common – they can read, write and speak English fluently. The villagers hold these things in high esteem. In fact, whatsoever the teacher says is likely to be correct.

But, guys, that era is gone and is fading out very fast. We now live in a result-oriented generation.

A lot of people have access to any form of information, and knowledge seems no longer to be a scarce commodity. However, the translation of the knowledge is still not as rampart as the knowledge itself.

People no longer want to listen to you because of what you know. They would rather listen to the man with results.

Big organisations like Microsoft, Google, Apple etc., are really not certificate or grade-crazy. They are looking for people who can bring in results, whether or not they have formal education.

I’m not in any way attempting to downplay formal education or academic pursuit, but I will strongly advise that to your degree(s), add results, tangible results that people can relate with. This is the only way you can keep pace with 21st century competitive society.

People can argue with theoretical assertions, but not with results. If you have results, you don’t need to talk much; they speak for you.


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