I am an agribusiness expert. I have an unquenchable passion for making food available and affordable to everyone. Through the years, I’ve had several people come to ask me for business ideas they can start in agriculture. The problem with the request is that most of the times, it is not the business idea they need; they only need what can help them to make more money or multiply money. Every entrepreneur should make money, but money is not necessarily the first thing an entrepreneur should focus on.

The fact that you don’t have a business idea shows that you are not ready for business in the first place. A successful entrepreneur doesn’t look for a problem to solve with the solution he has built; rather, he looks for a problem and finds the solution. This is why sensitivity is one of the things that make successful entrepreneurs.

It is highly required because the problems, which are the business opportunities, will always come clothed as unpleasant circumstances. It takes a sensitive man to realize that the difficulties are opportunities in disguise. Sensitive guys are always on the lookout for opportunities among challenges. They can see more than what meets the eye.

For those who have already started businesses, you need to be sensitive to change in trends and customers’ desires, else your competitors will knock you out of your business. Most Entrepreneurs are so buried in their businesses that they pay little or no attention to what is happening around them. Such entrepreneurs cannot be successful.

Sensitivity is required both to start a business and to run the business successfully. Constant innovation, which is the secret of consistent relevance in the market place, requires a high level of sensitivity.

Let’s look at a way you can be sensitive in our next episode.

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