No Level of Thinking can get a Job Done.

I had always wanted to be a scholar. I love thinking and I’m overly obsessed with reading and writing. Before now, nothing really makes sense to me until you reduce it to black and white.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that, as great as thinking, philosophising, writing and constructing models are, they actually cannot get any job done. That is why we have people who can write excellent business plan, but cannot run a successful business.

If you really want to get the Job done, you’ve got to be ready to get your hands dirty in doing stuffs. The only way to achieve anything is to do it. Thinking about it is awesome, but at best, what you will be having is just awesome thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong, thinking is work. I advocate that you should not even think for people for free. However, if all you have on your team are ‘great thinkers’ you will only have ‘great thoughts’ and never great deeds.

The world is changed by little actions not wonderful intentions. To borrow the word of legendary Prof. Francis Idachaba, ‘Good intentions are not good enough’.

This is why the street-smart guys, will always get more things done and eventually get more money than the book-smart folks.

However, when street smartness marry book smartness, incredible success is birthed.

As you set out every morning. Spend the early hours of your day doing great thinking, but never forget this! to your thinking, add action(s) because no level of thinking can get the Job done. You’ve got to take the first step of action.


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